It is very common nowadays that the main cause of the disease is coming from the dirt and places that is considered unsanitary. They could give more kinds of diseases as time passes by. In making the place clean and dirt-free, you need to some cleaning and of course some methods to maintain it. Making it spotless could not be don’t only for one time and they you would make it dirty again. Remember, that the health of the family is the most important to make sure that they will be free from any harm and illnesses. Especially to those areas that the drainage is not functioning well due to the clogged or anything that makes the pipe ruined. Some sewer drain cleaning men advised their clients to make sure that the house owners will be the very first person to be responsible of making it clean. Yes, they can hire someone to fix for it but the prevention is better than spending too much money and sometimes may cause bigger trouble in repairing it. Second to this is the health risk that is involved already. There could be some smelly and unpleasant odor coming out which everyone doesn’t like to experience. Different sinks could have different design and types and even manufacturer. For this type of sink which is made of porcelain. It needs extra careful to maintain its look and of course the quality due to the fact the is more sensitive than other types.

  1. For cleaning a porcelain sink, you may use a gentle kind of soap or even a dishwashing liquid to make it spot-free. You can rinse it will a hot water or even a boiling one to sanitize it. This is not the last step but this is just the starting step to cleaning it. If it is really a bit smelly and it doesn’t work, you can use an alternative to this, get some vinegar from your kitchen’s condiments. Don’t you ever use bleach as it may not be a good option in cleaning this kind of sink. It was proven that vinegar has an agent factor that can totally remove the bacteria compared to the soap and bleaching agents.
  2. Let is stay there for about 20 minutes and then pour some water there by not draining it. Let the water stay there as well for 20 minutes. You can add a commercially agent to wounds which is the hydrogen peroxide. It can be a good option for bleaching properties. Splash with warm water and if you can still some stains remaining there, try to scrub using a brush to remove it.
  3. If you wanted to make it looking new, then try baking soda powder. You can sue your old plate sponge for this. Pour some baking soda to the surface and then shrub it with a sponge. For those part is very hard to scrub with the sponge. You may use the old toothbrush to clean it.
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